Over 160 of Dylan’s friends and family members helped in commemorating Dylan with a bench for his Big Sister Dara, to visit in New York City’s Central Park. The bench is located in the “Rambles” in the shadow of the “Castle,” more directions can be found bellow. Family and friends gathered at the bench in prayer on Saturday, May 16, 2015 to celebrate Dylan’s life. The Central park Conservancy informed the family that since the inception of this program, decades ago, never has there been more activity and love on one bench dedication. I hope these direction's can help you find our special place.
Pack some lunch, bring a friend and take it all in all the Sunshine you can get.  



     1. Go to Belvedere Castle- It is located at about 77th street, in the middle of the park - accessible from both the east and west side

     2. From here, walk south. You'll encounter some stairs.

     3. Follow the fork in the road to the right and continue walking

     4. Look for the bench in a circle on your right hand side (pink dot on the map).

     5. The bench with be among four in a round clearing on your right.

     6. Each bench has a number on the back- Dylan’s is number 04239 (shown with a pink dot on the map).

     7. It also has his name on the plaque so you should be able to easily recognize it.

     8. I hope this will help you find our special place. Tell Dylan we say hello and enjoy!